Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Maria Roman: From Starlet to Star (01)

Monika: “The Most Beautiful Transgender Contest” in Las Vegas Nevada in 2005 was your first beauty contest. Were you excited about your participation?
Maria: I must say I was terrified, it was the first time I would open myself to be judge on a stage along other trans women whom I felt were beautiful in a way I wasn’t.. at 6 foot 2 and 250 pounds I felt I was in a disadvantage... but I was determined to represent women who did not fit what many believe is beautiful petite and thin. So I embarked in an amazing journey. However, my real motives to participate in the pageant was idea of promoting my program and the work I was doing in the documentary, that would eventually be called TRANTASIA… never did I imagine how this decision would affect the rest of my life… I must say “The Most Beautiful Transexual Contest” was the beginning to so many blessings and in a way It allowed to to leave a piece of me imprinted in film even after I am gone… and that is AMAZING…
As Miss Quest 2006.
Monika: You reached the top 8. How did it feel?
I almost pee on myself I never imagined I would be picked. It was AMAZING… It validated all I wanted to let others know that yes I might be 250 pounds but I am also beautiful.. I must say I hear from so many women who have told me that they also are extremely tall and after seen the documentary it gave them the courage to say well if she can do it so can I, and that is so special…
Monika: The preparations for the contest must have been quite hectic. So many dresses, make-up, hairstyle to do. Did you like it?
Maria: Girl, let me tell you, it was crazy back stage the gowns the stones and all the hairspray made a girl dizzy, plus the cocktail didn't help either. All the women were pro and very concentrated in getting put together. I was relaxed and having a good time and smoking my cigarettes ( it was Vegas after all). It took me two weeks to design my dress and put my little Gloria Estefan performance… I loved it to answer your question it was so much fun…
As Club Promoter.
Monika: What did you learn out of the competition, which allowed you to excel in the next contests?
Maria: That sometimes you need to try new things and to think out of the box… pageantry was something I would have told someone oh me neverrrrrrrrr, however when I gave it an opportunity, I saw beauty, mentorship and learned a lot about myself and met some great people.. plus it was the first time I was celebrated as beautiful.. so today I continue to try to do things that are out of my comfort zone…
Monika: A year later the contest was shown in the movie “Trantasia” (2006) by Jeremy Stanford, which made you a well-known person personality. Was your mother proud of your success?
Maria: My mother is so proud… often she sees all I am doing and says “You are your mother's Daughter, YOU GO GIRL”. So yes, she is proud of me… and she is my biggest cheerleader… I am lucky that I have the support of all my family and they love me just as I am….

With Mayor Villaraigosa of Los Angeles.

All the photos: courtesy of Maria Roman.
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