Thursday, 30 September 2021

Interview with Ceecee Jacobsen

Monika: Today I have invited an absolutely inspirational woman from the Faroe Islands, a set of small beautiful islands about halfway between Norway and Iceland. Ceecee Jacobsen is a coach and public speaker, social media influencer, model, and transgender activist. Hello Ceecee! Thank you for accepting my invitation!
Ceecee: Hello Monika, thank you for that lovely introduction and for inviting me. The Faroe Islands are a collection of 18 small islands. I’m from the one called Eysturoy, which means East Island. There is no West Island and East Island actually not particularly eastern if you take into account that six other islands are further east, but there you go. There’s probably a historical origin for the name that I have long forgotten.
Monika: This is what I have found on the Internet about the name Ceecee: "People with the name Ceecee are most often optimistic souls who have a genuine enthusiasm about life and the living of it. They are generally charming, pretty easy-going, and are good conversationalists. Their ability to communicate often motivates and inspires others." Is it true in your case?
Ceecee: That would depend on where I am in my hypomanic/depressed cycle. While that was kind of a joke, it is also true that I do have a disorder mood that I am exploring with my psychiatrist. I would say I was born with such a passion and joy for life that was fuelled by wonder and ADHD and probably hypomania.

Monday, 27 September 2021

Interview with Ella Feingold

Monika: Today I have the pleasure and honor of interviewing Ella Rae Feingold, an American professional orchestrator, guitarist, composer, and producer, known for her collaboration with Bruno Mars, Janet Jackson, Jay-Z, and Ariana Grande, as well as a proud transgender woman that shares her transition story on social media. Hello Ella!
Ella: Hi Monika! I’m excited to have a chat with you. Thank you so very much for all that you do for our community. I’ve read a lot of your interviews before I was ready to come out and hearing others' stories will continue to mean a lot to me. I think this is a wonderful space that you’ve created.
Monika: Could you say a few words about yourself?
Ella: I’m a 40-year-old transgender woman. My pronouns are she/her. I am a professional orchestrator, guitar player, and music scholar. I’ve been incredibly fortunate to work with artists like Bruno Mars, Janet Jackson, Jay-Z as a guitar player and to orchestrate for Ariana Grande and The video game series Destiny. Music is something that has never let me down.

Friday, 24 September 2021

Interview with Tiffany Ryan

Monika: Today I am going to introduce to you Tiffany Ryan, a talented woman from New York that happens to be a comedian and stand-up artist. Hello Tiffany!
Tiffany: Hi Monika -- it's great to connect with you!
Monika: Could you say a few words about yourself? 
Tiffany: Like you said, I am a stand-up comedian. I am a parent to two puppies, Gretchen Wieners and Chauncey. I also work as an event planner and personal assistant. I've been trying my hand at acting recently as well. I was born in New Jersey and raised in Las Vegas. I'm currently living in New York City, so I was very excited for comedy clubs to open up when it's safe, so I can get back on stage.
Monika: You are not the first trans comedian that I interview. I am very happy to list you among Natasha Muse, Julia Scotti, Alison Grillo, Maryanne Marttini, and other talented ladies. It seems that our community can boast a surprisingly high percentage of ladies with a sense of humor... :)
Tiffany: Yes, and so many more -- Robin Tran is my current favorite! We're a talented community. I feel like humor was a defense mechanism I developed when I was growing up as an outsider in school and I'm thrilled that I get to use that talent to entertain people.

Wednesday, 22 September 2021

Interview with Victoria Rubio

Monika: Today I have the pleasure and honor of interviewing Victoria Rubio, who works in the field of recovery, and a proud transgender American woman that shares her transition story on social media. Hello Victoria!
Victoria: Hi Monika! It’s such a pleasure to speak with you today.
Monika: I am so happy that you have accepted my invitation. You are such an inspirational woman. Could you say a few words about yourself?
Victoria: I was born in Kansas City to a military family in 1976. There are eight siblings in my family. My father passed when I was only five years old. My beautiful mother became my heroine.
I came out as transgender in the very early 90s. I come from a mostly Latin background so my family had no idea what it meant to be transgender. I have an identical twin sister that is also transgender.
I was on a talk show called Montel Williams. I used the show to help educate my family and the world about what it means to be transgender. I found all these talk shows just made fun of trans women, so I wanted my participation in the show to educate others. I was only 16 at the time. In addition, I was able to speak at colleges and universities after the show aired to bring education to future teachers and professors as regards transgender individuals.

Monday, 20 September 2021

Interview with Samantha Pearsall

Monika: Today I would like to introduce to you Samantha Pearsall, an inspirational woman from Manchester, England. Samantha is a transgender educator, and speaker, known for her Deaf Transgender Awareness workshops. She is the author of "The Woman I Am: My Journey from Richard to Samantha", a biographical book that has been published recently and is available on Amazon. Hello Samantha, thank you so much for accepting my invitation!
Samantha: Hello Monika!
Monika: Could you say a few words about yourself?
Samantha: I was born profoundly deaf and grew up in the Northeast of England. I’m also a post-operative transgender woman, and now living in Manchester.
Monika: Your story was widely covered by the British media. Were you happy about the way it was done?
Samantha: Sometimes, it depends on the media. Most of the British media approached and check with me to ensure that the articles is correct etc. Whereas for some media, they’ve gone and created the article when the language appropriation can be incorrect at times.

Saturday, 18 September 2021

Interview with Iden Crockett

Monika: Today I have the pleasure and honor of interviewing Iden Crockett, an American trans female artist working in collage, pencil, and ink, and a former firefighter. Hello Iden!
Iden: Hello! I am so excited to do this. It is an absolute pleasure to speak with you.
Monika: Could you say a few words about yourself?
Iden: Well, I am a forty-two-year-old bi-racial trans-female artist and writer. I work in pencil and ink but what I really do is make collages. Most of my drawing is in service of my collage work and I incorporate all of what do, the drawing, the poetry, into those pieces. I have three wonderful children and one amazing (A M A Z I N G!) wife, and we all live here in the U.S. in a small town called Yellow Springs.
Monika: How would you define your art?
Iden: Confessional. I was recently asked to write an artist's bio and I believe that I used the phrase "deeply personal." I came to art as a way of working through the difficulties I was experiencing with my mental health. I believe strongly that by being as open and candid as I can be about my own struggles, I can not only heal myself but also empower others to leave behind their secret shames as well.

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