Sunday, 17 April 2022

Interview with Atarah Morales

Monika: Today let me present Atarah Morales, a Mexican philosopher, biologist, music producer, and transgender woman that documents her transition on social media. Hello Atarah!
Atarah: Hi Monika!
Monika: Could you say a few words about yourself?
Atarah: Yeah! I am a very curious woman, which led me to question everything in my life. But above all, creative, loving, strong, and free-spirited. I have a degree in philosophy, and I am currently studying biology.
I have been dedicated to music production for the last 10 years. I was a DJ in Mexico City for 5 years, which was wonderful. Thanks to this I met many interesting places, people, and media. Since I started my gender transition, my life has become calmer. Ha!! And I’m 37 years old.

Friday, 15 April 2022

Interview with Alexis James

Monika: Today I have invited Alexis James, an American science nerd, environmentalist, and transgender woman that documents her transition on social media. Hello Alexis!
Alexis: Hi, it's nice meeting you, Monika!
Monika: Could you say a few words about yourself?
Alexis: As recently as my early 30s I lived as a very heteronormative cis male. I was also raised Evangelical and was very devoted. I read my Bible daily from high school until just before I left the church, went on four mission trips, and towards the end of my time as an Evangelical I was even thinking about full-time mission work.
The mission work plan was really just a last-ditch effort to bury my gender dysphoria, and every life decision I made up until my early 30s was done in part to bury gender dysphoria. When it was apparent my gender dysphoria could not be buried and the claims of the Evangelicals were just factually incorrect (which could merit a separate interview) I decided to transition. I moved across the country to pursue a life I want and learn who Alexis really is.

Wednesday, 13 April 2022

Interview with Dusty Rose Smith

Monika: Today I have the pleasure of talking to Dusty Rose Smith, an American fashion model, and makeup artist. In 2020, Dusty took part in the first-ever Worldwide Transgender Model Search, organized by Slay Model Management, one of the world’s first agencies to exclusively focus on transgender models. Since then she has been modeling for this agency. Hello Dusty!
Dusty: Hello Monika!
Monika: Could you say a few words about yourself?
Dusty: I would like to say that I am a very real and fun person to be around. I have a dark and sick sense of humor and a love for animals and fashion! My dream in life is to win an Oscar for acting!
Monika: You describe yourself as "a good girl with bad habits". What are these bad habits? I am sure it is not sweets... :) You are ultra-slim.
Dusty: I have a lot of bad habits lol, definitely smoking is probably my worst. I love Marlboro Reds and weed all day every day! Also, I love getting into trouble and finding excitement and adventure.

Monday, 11 April 2022

Interview with Emilia

Monika: Today I am taking you on a journey to Budapest, a beautiful capital of Hungary where I have the pleasure of talking to Emilia, a Hungarian model, and transgender activist. Hello Emilia!
Emilia: Hello Monika and everyone! Thank you for having me!
Monika: Could you say a few words about yourself?
Emilia: Since I was a preschooler, I know I don’t feel good myself in my own body and I don’t feel the role I have to play as a boy. In fact, that’s the point of it all, I felt like I was playing a role if I wanted to act like a boy. As early as the age of four or five, playing house in kindergarten - when you pretend to be a family in the household with your friends, acting out housekeeping and different family roles and stuff - I’ve always assigned the roles of the mother or the daughter to myself, and my friends have also assigned them to me. It just felt right you know.

Monday, 4 April 2022

Interview with Eris

Monika: Today I have invited Eris, an American cosplayer from Seattle and transgender woman that documents her transition on social media. Hello Eris!
Eris: Hiya Monika! It’s great to talk with you.
Monika: Could you say a few words about yourself?
Eris: Of course! So my name is Eris, exactly like the Greek goddess of chaos and discord (which, if you ask my mother, is quite a fitting name).
I’m a 30-year-old cosplayer, avid anime watcher, and video game player, specializing in Japanese role-playing games. Basically, a big nerd. I was born and raised in New York and just moved across the country to Seattle last year. You can always catch me at the nearest anime convention in some new cosplay.
Monika: What inspired you to share your intimate life moments on social media?
Eris: So I was born in 1991, about two years after the Internet became a thing. The Internet and I basically grew up together as siblings, so I’ve always been online. Social media is great because you can find other people who are into the same hobbies as you very easily.

Friday, 1 April 2022

Interview with Lauren Robison

Monika: Today I am talking to Lauren Robison, an American retired IBM-er, former car racing champion, and transgender woman that documents her transition on social media. Hello Lauren!
Lauren: Thanks so much, Monika! One quick correction, I never was a champion driving the race car. The best I ever did was to finish in 4th place for the season, missing third place by one point. I'm still frustrated by that! What I am most happy about, regarding my experience racing with the Sports Car Club of America, is that I did it. I have loved the sound and the smell of a racetrack for years and years so having the chance to live a dream of mine and see it become reality was really quite special.
After my transition, I had very much lost my sense of community. I needed a new start for my new life with an entirely new set of people. I used to fly full-size airplanes before getting married, so I thought that was perhaps a viable option, but I found myself with nothing to do on a summer weekend, so I took the chance to drive, in my sportscar, out to Summit Point Motorsports Park in West Virginia. Needless to say, I was enthralled with the sights and the sounds, but I was even more excited by the friendly people. This was a place where I could build a new life so I made the leap and volunteered to help. I, an unknown tall woman was welcomed with open arms.

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