Tuesday 3 May 2022

Interview with Ovileya Myrah

Monika: Today I have invited Ovileya Myrah, a happy Bangladeshi-born transgender woman from Greece who documents her transition on social media. Hello Ovileya!
Ovileya: Hello dear Monika, I am so happy to be interviewed by you and glad to share my experience with you and our readers.
Monika: Could you say a few words about yourself?
Ovileya: I am Ovileya Myrah, 26 years old, I am from Bangladesh. I left Bangladesh in 2016 and decided to settle down in Greece in 2017. I am a transgender woman, so I had to leave Bangladesh because of my gender issue.
I was living in a society where it was very difficult to survive, and my family couldn’t help with it either. I suppose they didn’t have the education and, of course, the courage to support me. So I had a very difficult childhood, and eventually, I was forced to leave my country.

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