Sunday, 14 April 2013

Interview with Aleshia Brevard: Part 2

Monika: Today I would like focus our interview on your movie acting. Your first movie role was Sherry in „The Love God?” (1969). Did you have to go through any auditions to get the role? How did it feel to be an actress for the first time?
Aleshia: Oh, yes, Monika, Universal had seen every tall redhead in Hollywood by the time I auditioned. That, at least, is what I was told by my agent, with whom I’d just signed. I was so new in the business that I didn’t even have head shots – which almost proved my undoing. Some Universal executives feared I might not photograph well on screen but director, Nat Hiken, fought for me. Bless that man! I was absolutely stunned by my good fortune, loved every single moment of the process, and promptly buckled down on set to learn my craft. It was a glorious experience.
Monika: Sherry was an extremely sexy lady that accompanied the main character played by Don Knotts. How do you recollect your work with him?
Aleshia: I adored Don Knotts. "The Love God", in my estimation, was a testimonial to Don’s comic genius. The film was ahead of its time, no doubt about that, but Don Knotts was perfectly cast as the misguided sex symbol. His improvisations still make me laugh when I see the film.

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