Interview with Danielly Drugge - Part 2

Monika: Have you thought about taking part in Miss International Queen in Thailand? I watch it every year, and I must say it is fantastic.
Danielly: Yes! My biggest dream would be to participate in the Miss International Queen pageant. I sent my application for the contest but if I am not mistaken I am not old enough yet to be able to participate. Instead, soon I will represent Sweden in the Miss T World pageant, and I am available for any possibility to participate in more events.
Monika: I must say I am more familiar with the Miss Trans Star International contest. The Miss T World pageant is held in Italy, right? What dress are you preparing for this event? Could you say more about this pageant and all your preparations?
Danielly: Yes, it takes place in Italy in Brescia. The event would take place on the 29th and 30th of May but has been postponed (no date set for the moment). This event will last two days, giving us an opportunity to present ourselves in bathing suits, traditional costumes, and gala dresses.
I already started preparing my dress. It was a gift from a friend. It will not be luxurious like the dresses of all the other girls because, unlike them, I will not have official sponsors but I guarantee it will be a nice dress. As for my traditional costume, I haven't started the preparations yet but I want something that reminds me of a red fox, which is one of the symbols here in Sweden. I hope I can do something beautiful!
Monika: When you are not on stage, what clothes do you like wearing? Any special colors or brands? 
Danielly: I love dresses in particular. I am completely in love with delicate dresses. I don't have a favorite brand, I usually don't buy anything for the brand, but for the style; if it catches my eye, that's the most important thing.
Monika: By the way, have you ever thought about acting?
Danielly: Yes, when I was young, I guess I was 16, I took dance and theater classes. I liked them a lot, being someone else and having a new personality that attracts a lot of attention.
Monika: You have a perfect figure. What do you do to stay so slim?
Danielly: We all have references to femininity and beauty. In my case, I always admire skinny and small girls. My genetics made me thin, and I take care of myself, avoiding certain types of fats. In addition, I go to the gym and I often go swimming.

Photo credits: Robert Drugge.

Monika: What is your preferred color of hair? You had blonde, and other colors... now you have black.
Danielly: My hair is black, but as a good hair lover I have some human hair wigs. So I can change my look without harming my own hair. Every time when I kept changing color it hurt. With wigs, I can have the desired look in a few minutes and without any damage.
Monika: Many transgender ladies write their memoirs. Have you ever thought about writing such a book yourself?
Danielly: I never thought of writing my memoirs, for the simple reason that I got isolated myself so much that I would not enjoy sharing anything. I don't have many stories to be told; there are girls with better life stories to be told.
Monika: 29 June 2019 must be a special date for you. Did you enjoy being a bride, trying on a wedding dress, and finally your wedding ceremony?
Danielle: It was the greatest achievement of my entire life. That date marked the beginning of a family, MY Family!!! It was very exciting to be able to realize this dream of officially marrying being a woman and not being labeled.
I had a very simple ceremony only with my husband's parents, children, and friends but it was a magical moment for me. We did not have a religious wedding, which I wanted to do in Brazil with my family, but we had a very beautiful party in the garden of my new home. 
Monika: Could you say that you are a happy woman now?
Danielly: Yes, I feel almost completely happy. I made my transition completely, I got married, and I have my family. Now I just need to have a career; I really want to be in the world of beauty or boost my work on the Internet.

 Danielly with her husband.
Photo credits: Morgan Bäckvall.

Monika: What would you recommend to all transgender girls that are struggling with their transition decisions?
Danielly: Good Monika, there are always transsexual girls contacting me and asking for advice. I always repeat the same thing, be yourself, don't live in the eyes of others, run behind the goals and never give up because we all have obstacles in life and that's just a detail for us to make it stronger.
Monika: Danielly, thank you so much for sharing your story. Good luck with your pageants, and take care in these crazy Covid-19 times. 

Main photo credits: Robert Drugge.
All the photos: courtesy of Danielly Drugge.
© 2020 - Monika Kowalska

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