Interview with Lucy Keogh - Part 2

Monika: Do you often experiment with your makeup?
Lucy: I love makeup, but honestly don't experiment too much. I have only been using makeup for 2 years now, as I never had the chance to use it before my medical transition. So for how long I have been doing it I feel I have experimented a little bit but not nearly as much as other humans do for sure. I like to try and really get one look down and consistent before adding other variables.
Monika: By the way, do you like being complimented on your looks?
Lucy: Ohhhh do I, so I am a bit vain to be 100% honest. So most compliments in mannered fashion are more than welcome, also as a tattoo artist, I am kinda what I call "dinner and a show" I have to look good and perform well while giving the client a good product they will enjoy. Because let me tell you, clients treat you a million times differently when you are looking good and on top of your aesthetic game to when you are not.

"Employment is one of the bigger hurdles
most transgender individuals have to cope with."

Monika: Do you remember your first job interview as a woman?
Lucy: So the current shop that I work with now, I began at 6 months before my medical transition. So I came out there and haven't actually got a job interview anywhere else as a woman, as of yet. I did look into two other shops but they both quickly responded to me with a simple and short message, quote on quote "we don't have any space for someone like you". To be honest I didn't press the issue on exactly what that meant.
Monika: What would you advise to all transwomen looking for employment?
Lucy: To never give up, yes I know it is cliché but there is just nothing more to do outside of advocacy. Employment is one of the bigger hurdles most transgender individuals have to cope with. One of the reasons, I hope to open my own storefront and try to create inspiration and opportunity for other individuals.
Monika: Are you involved in the life of the local LGBTQ community?
Lucy: Not as much as I would like, since I moved to Spokane just as the pandemic started I have not had a lot of options. I donate and advocate for small things. This following year I would like to become much more involved now that I am settled.
Monika: Could you tell me about the importance of love in your life?
Lucy: For me, love is of vital importance to my life. The loss and gain of love are I think some of the pivotal moments in our lives. For me, I know they are and those losses and gains are what drive and sustain me.
Monika: Many transgender ladies write their memoirs. Have you ever thought about writing such a book yourself?
Lucy: Yes I actually have thought about it, I believe I have a rather interesting story. Alas though I am no writing and actually have a very hard time with it, so I am unsure if it will ever come to fruition.

"The only recommendation I can give to
any transgender woman that is scared is to
plan, plan, plan, save, save, save!"

Monika: What is your next step in the present time and where do you see yourself within the next 5-7 years?
Lucy: My 5-year plan is to get my medical transition surgeries taken care of, once that is done my 7-year plan is then to get my storefront open to make space for Queer body modification!
Monika: What would you recommend to all transgender women that are afraid of transition?
Lucy: The only recommendation I can give to any transgender woman that is scared is to plan, plan, plan, save, save, save! There are so many hurdles and you will get discouraged, having a plan helps to keep going and show progression in which you might not see if you are just winging it. I lost many clients so if I didn't plan ahead and save, then I would have ended up homeless. So please, please plan and save. This is so much easier said than done and some don't have the option to really save, I am privileged to have a career path before my transition and it was still hard.
Monika: My pen friend Gina Grahame wrote to me once that we should not limit our potential because of how we were born or by what we see other transgender people doing. Our dreams should not end on an operating table; that’s where they begin. Do you agree with this?
Lucy: I couldn't agree more with your friend, I always tell everyone it is a mistake to try and only look to achieve what you have seen others do. Our potential thrives in the unknown and new. You will never know who you really are if you only follow paths, you must not limit yourself. Our dreams should not have any boundaries or limits that is not what dreams are, Dreams are what break boundaries and create epic tales of strength and triumph!!
Monika: Lucy, it was a pleasure to interview you. Thanks a lot!
Lucy: It was such an honor and so much fun to be interviewed by you. Thank you so much for reaching out and giving me this opportunity.

All the photos: courtesy of Lucy Keogh.
© 2021 - Monika Kowalska

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