Penny Clifford: Unforgettable Shows (03)

Monika: Another memorable show of yours was “3's company” (1988) at Patch's. What was the plot of the show?
Penny: It was for 3 fabulous transgender ladies to join together and do a classy but fun show.
Monika: I guess that the première of the show was in 1988? How long was it on?
Penny: "3's company" ran for about 4 years and had a few different casts.

Courtesy of Penny Clifford.

Monika: Who was the cast?
Penny: Coco Chanel, Jenna Stevens, Christy Mcnicol and Toni Jaye.
Monika: Could you elaborate more on the costumes, music and choreography of the show?
Penny: There were many Theme New Orleans inspired costumes featured there and the tails jackets for Le Jazz Hot.

Courtesy of Penny Clifford.

Monika: Do you keep in touch with the ladies that performed with you in that show?
Penny: Yes, we all tend to keep in touch, Coco lives in Queensland now and we speak often as I do with Toni Jaye who lives in Melbourne and my current flatmate is Jenna.
Monika: What will you always remember about the show?
Penny: The fun, laughter and sisterhood.

All the photos: courtesy of Penny Clifford.
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