Jasmina von Leeds - Elizabeth Taylor

Monika: Is Elizabeth Taylor an example of ideal female beauty for you?
Jasmina: Yes, of course! She was very beautiful and very feminine. She loved make up, big hair, dresses, furs and jewelry. So she was a real diva but I think she also had a natural side and was not afraid of looking not so good in a movie, for example, like in "Who is afraid of Virginia Wolf?".

Monika: Which colour of your hair do you prefer: blonde or brown?
Jasmina: My natural hair color is darkbrown like Elizabeth's but I was always adoring blonde women like Marilyn Monroe. 5 years ago I bleached my hair platinum blonde and I loved it but it was a lot of work and my hair was breaking a lot and looked really unhealthy. Then I came to a point where I was thinking how I can be blonde without bleaching my hair and I decided to start wearing wigs like Beyoncé or Jennifer Lopez. These wigs are called full lace wigs and they are made of human hair and you do not see that it is a wig. I dyed my natural hair dark-brown and just let it grow and become healthy and the good thing is I can change my hair color every day. So I made some reviews about this wigs on my YouTube Channel 3.

Monika: Do you think that a red lipstick and red dress are the best friends of elegant lady?
Jasmina: Of course! There are a lot of options to be elegant but I like the red color very much .

Monika: Do you like wearing furs?
Jasmina: Actually yes but only fake furs. I would never buy a real one but when I would inherit a real fur I would keep it. 
Monika: What is your favourite movie with Elizabeth Taylor?
Jasmina: "Who is afraid of Virginia Wolf" and "Butterfield 8".

All the photos: courtesy of Jasmina von Leeds.
© 2013 - Monika Kowalska

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