Jasmina von Leeds - Romy Schneider

Monika: What do you like most about Romy Schneider?
Jasmina: I like her beauty, her sweetness, her intensity before the camera. I was always fascinated by her and her life story. I watched every documentary about her. I also have many pictures and books with her. It's really tragic what happened to her.
Monika: Which movies with Romy Schneider do you admire most?
Jasmina: My favorite movie is "L'Important c'est d'aimer" (Nachtblende). This is one of my favorite movies of all time. It's really shocking and sad.

Monika: She once said, "I wish to present myself in front of the camera, each time under the features of a different woman, I would like to live and apprehend the problems, the conflicts, the feelings and the impulses of women radically different from me." What do you think about her approach?
Jasmina: When you act you wanna become the person which you play. Before camera she was really the person which she played. It was really intensive. I think the best way to do it is to make people forget about your name, just see the character which you play. For example, if you see Madonna in a movie, you always think that this is MADONNA; you don't see anything more because Madonna is a strong personality. I think Romy's fragility made her such a good actress and you just see the character which she played.

Monika: Which particular dresses or stage outfits of Romy do you cherish most?
Jasmina: She had some dresses in the 50´s, 60´s and 70´s which I like very much. Her style was very feminine and natural sometimes.

Monika: She said: [Alain Delon] “Delon? Nothing is colder than a love that has passed away.” Do you agree with her?
Jasmina: Yes absolutely. It's always a strange situation if you met one which you loved but he has maybe a new woman. I can understand her feelings very well.

Monika: She was one of the most beautiful actresses of her times. Is there any actress these days that could be compared to Romy Schneider?
Jasmina: Well I think it's a different time now. We have so many beautiful actresses at the moment. But I think she was one of the best actresses of all time.

All the photos: courtesy of Jasmina von Leeds.
© 2013 - Monika Kowalska

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