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Monika: "One Less Bell to Answer" is a 1967 song written by Burt Bacharach and Hal David, originally written in 1967 for Keely Smith, the song was rediscovered in late 1969 by Bones Howe, the producer for The 5th Dimension, and the song was included on the group's 1970 debut album. Lead vocals the were sung by Marilyn McCoo. She was fantastic …
Allison: Funny you should pick this song. I'm doing it at my next gig... I do the 5th Dimension, Marilyn McCoo's version!
Monika: What is your favourite line in the song?
Allison: "One less man to pick up after... No more laughter, no more love....."

Monika: The song was extremely popular among the top divas. It was covered by: Barbra Streisand, Rita Reys, Dionne Warwick, Shirley Bassey and Sheryl Crow. What was so special about it?
Allison: Beautiful melody.....a real tear can sing it from the heart.
Monika: Are you often asked to perform this song?
Allison: I choose my songs, (Just like Barbra!) I pull it out once in a while as my show stopper .... not too often.
Monika: You wear a very elegant jewelry set!
Allison: Thank you!! They're vintage from a second-hand store.....just like Second Hand Rose!!! You always say the most lovely things to me Monika!!!!!

All the photos: Courtesy of Allison Lenore Annalora.
Published on 26 Aug 2013.
© 2013 - Monika Kowalska


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