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Sunday, 27 December 2020

Interview with Cassandra Heart

Monika: Today’s interview will be with Cassandra Heart, an American transgender woman that documents her transition on Hello Cassandra!
Cassandra: Hi there! I feel really honored I was asked to do this.
Monika: Could you say a few words about yourself?
Cassandra: I am a software engineer with a deep passion for cryptography, machine learning and distributed systems. I’m also married and polyamorous.
Monika: Why did you decide to share your transition details on social media?
Cassandra: When I was young, my exposure to transgender people was entirely through mainstream media depictions, which were frequently unfavorable. While the world is thankfully a much more understanding and accepting place today with significantly more positive depictions seeing time in the spotlight, the actual process of transition, what to expect strictly from hormone therapy versus additional procedures, is not as open.

Monday, 7 December 2020

Interview with Eleanor

Monika: Today’s interview is with Eleanor, an American software engineer and transgender woman that documents her transition on as eleanorPDX. Hello Eleanor!
Eleanor: Hi Monika, thank you for interviewing me today!
Monika: Could you say a few words about yourself?
Eleanor: I live in Portland, Oregon, with my wife Evan and our cat Percy and dog Riley. We're originally from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, but we moved to Oregon five years ago because Oregon is much more accepting of LGBTQ people than Oklahoma is. We have not visited Oklahoma in several years due to safety concerns. For employment, I'm a software engineer.

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Interview with Lannie Rose

Monika: Today it is my pleasure and honour to interview Elaine Rhodes, a.k.a., Lannie Rose, an American computer engineer and writer, graduate of the University of California at Berkeley and Santa Clara University. In her day, she was a regular contributor to the e-zine Transgender Forum, a member of the Triangle Speaker Bureau, the author of “How To Change Your Sex: A Lighthearted Look at the Hardest Thing You'll Ever Do” (2004), “LANNIE! My Journey from Man to Woman” (2007), and “Everything Nice: A Late-Onset Coming-of-Age Story” (2009). Hello Lannie!
 Lannie: Hi Monikia! Your website is an impressive body of work, as well as being nicely-designed, and I say this as one Web designer to another. I am happy to become part of it! 
Monika: Before we get started, could you please explain about your name? Are you Elaine, or Lannie, or what?
Lannie: Yeah, uh, well, it’s like this: Early in the Internet days, in the late 1990s, there was a lot fear about people online tracking you down and murdering you in your sleep, so nobody used their real names. Nobody actually got murdered in their sleep, by the way. 
Anyway, I became Lannie Rose at that time, and it stuck. When it came time to legally change my name, I went from Edward Rhodes to Elaine Rhodes, keeping the same initials, you know?

Friday, 29 September 2017

Interview with Emily Crose

Monika: Today it is my pleasure and honour to interview Emily Crose, an American IT specialist and network threat hunter. She publishes her essays to such portals as, and Hello Emily!
Emily: Hello Monika!
Monika: Could you say a few words about yourself?
Emily: Sure! I transitioned medically and socially back in early 2016 while I was working for the US Army as a civilian. I had taken that job specifically because I believed that it would be a good environment for me to do so, and for the most part I was right.
I’ve been out to my family, including my wife (who has been putting up with me in marriage for over 8 years now) since 2014 after a false start in 2010. We have two lovely kids together and have been continuously evolving as a couple since we were married.

Monday, 10 April 2017

Interview with Diana García

Monika: Today’s interview will be with Diana García, a Mexican transgender woman that documents her transition on as aprilight, a programmer by day, co-host of geek podcast @abajoadelantea and general nerd by night. Hello Diana!
Diana: Hi Monika, I was surprised at first to learn that you wanted to interview me but I’m very happy to be able to share my story with others. Thank you for this opportunity.
Monika: Could you say a few words about yourself?
Diana: Certainly, I am a 32 year old trans woman originally from Tijuana, Mexico but now living in Mexico City. I’m a computer programmer who works from home. I am very interested in games and fun so I have also dabbled in creating videogames and the latest side project I’m developing is a board game.

Friday, 11 March 2016

Interview with Debbie Ballard

Monika: Today it is my pleasure and honour to interview Debbie Ballard, an American IT architect consultant, writer, the author of the biographical books titled “Debbie's Secret Life: LGBT in Stealth” (2013), and “Living in Stealth: Undercover (2015)”. Debbie was also a leader in the commercialization of the Internet (1992-1996), Linux and Open Source (1996-2004), Globalization (2004-2013). Hello Debbie!
Debbie: Hi Monika, it’s a pleasure to be able to participate.
Monika: Could you say a few words about yourself?
Debbie: I’m a transgender woman. I knew that I was a girl inside by the time I was 2 years old, several times during my life I reached out for help, and because of laws and restrictions on the medical profession, I was forced to keep my gender Dysphoria a secret. I started to transition in 1988, and was about to start HRT when I was faced with the choice of giving up transition or never seeing my children again. Shortly after my daughter graduated from college, in 2009, I began to transition again. I went full time in 2013 and have been living as female ever since.

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Interview with Lucia Richardson

Monika: Today it is my pleasure and honour to interview Lucia Richardson, an application architect, a Canadian writer, blogger, the author of the biographical book titled “Lucia: The Life of a Transgender Person” (2015). Hello Lucia!
Lucia: Hi Monika. Thanks for the opportunity. As always, it is nice to have a voice and thanks for taking the time.
Monika: Could you say a few words about yourself?
Lucia: I graduated from the University of Moncton (1999) in New Brunswick, Canada with a BSc. Major Computer Sciences and Minor in Informatics Management. My mother tongue language is French and I have been working as an IT professional for the past 18+ years. I have worked for the Government and for various financial/insurance companies throughout Canada and the US: Sunlife, TIAA CREF, Fintrac and Farm Credit Canada. 
Also I have worked as an IT Consultant for OAO Technologies, CGI and Keanes Canada (now better known under the name: “NTT Data”) and also with Pason Inc. (Oil Industry) and AT&T (Telecom).

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Interview with Jennell Jaquays

Monika: Today it is my pleasure and honour to interview Jennell Jaquays, an American designer of role-playing games (RPGs) and video games, known for the Dungeons & Dragons modules “Dark Tower” and “Caverns of Thracia” for Judges Guild. Hello Jennell!
Jennell: Hi Monika. Thank you for letting me share a bit about myself and my story. 
Monika: Could you say a few words about yourself?
Jennell: Well in a FEW words, I’m an artist and game developer who late in life accepted that she was ALSO transgender. I was born and lived most of my early life in the American Midwest (near the Great Lakes) and had a not too unusual childhood. For the most part, sports didn’t interest me (I became a baseball fan one year that the Detroit baseball team, the Tigers, won the world series), but I was very much into comic books of all sorts, and drawing, and building imaginary worlds with my younger brother. I had (still have) a younger brother and sister. We moved just about every three years and friendship relationships rarely outlasted the moves so my brother ended up being my best friend as well. Until I was in high school, most of our adventures were shared with each other.

Monday, 27 April 2015

Interview with Emma Martin

Monika: Today it is my pleasure and honour to interview Emma Martin, a British IT consultant, Clinical Psychotherapist, and transgender activist. Hello Emma!
Emma: Hi Monika. Thank you for inviting me.
Monika: Could you say a few words about yourself?
Emma: What can I say? Well I’ve been married to the love of my life Linda for 37 years, spent most of my working life in IT with various companies ending up as an IT Manager for a major food manufacturer, then got a bit fed up with IT and trained as a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist. Now, retired, I consider myself to be a full time writer. I’m also teaching myself 3D graphics design. As to hobbies, we have two retired greyhounds that will soon be the stars of a series of children’s stories I’m writing.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Interview with Giselle

Monika: Today it is my pleasure and honour to interview Giselle, a young video blogger that documents her transition on YouTube. Hello Giselle!
Giselle: Hi Monika, thanks for having me.
Monika: Could you say a few words about yourself?
Giselle: Sure. I’m a trans woman from Minnesota. I live with two roommates in Minneapolis and work full time as a Web Business Specialist for a healthcare organization. I like to occupy my time with friends and families, shopping, reading, and sometime, just relaxing with a glass of wine.
I am a pretty open minded and an easy going person. I have many interests such as traveling, fashion, make-up, and photography. I try to live my life to the fullest and be open about learning new things.

Monday, 12 January 2015

Interview with Antonia Stevens

Monika: Today it is my pleasure and honour to interview Antonia Stevens, an Icelandic-born transgender woman from Canada. Hello Antonia!
Antonia: Hey, it’s a pleasure to meet you and I’m honored to be a part of the Heroine series!
Monika: Could you say a few words about yourself?
Antonia: I’m 35 years old, currently living in Toronto, Canada. I’m a huge nerd and have always been but I also enjoy nature and the outdoors. I love sailing, cycling, hiking, canoeing and kayaking. On the flipside I love working on open source software and hardware so I guess it balances out. I work in IT security so me and my colleagues help companies defend against hackers by finding the problems before the hackers do.
Monika: What do you think about the present situation of transgender women in the Canadian society?
Antonia: It’s much better than I thought it would be when I started my journey, I guess my expectations were set back in ’93 when I first heard of the term transgender and started identifying myself as trans. I honestly expected to lose everything, job, family, and friends but so far I’ve not lost anything but gained so much.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Interview with Naomi Ceder

Monika: Today it is my pleasure and honour to interview Naomi Ceder, an American Python language programmer, blogger, transgender activist, lead software architect and developer at Razor Occam, former IT Director and Python developer at Zoro Tools, Fellow of the Python Software Foundation, and the author of The Quick Python Book. Hello Naomi!
Naomi: Hi Monika! Thanks for interviewing me!
Monika: Could you say a few words about yourself?
Naomi: As my intro says, I’m a Python developer and systems architect. I’m currently working in London and Düsseldorf, which has been a lot of fun. 
Monika: Being a Python guru, how would you explain the importance of this programming language to persons that are not IT experts?
Naomi: I doubt I’m a guru, although most people who know me would probably say I’ve always been a teacher. Python is a very powerful and readable language that is also fairly easy to learn. It’s also a high level language, meaning you can get more done with less code. All of that makes it enormously useful in all sorts of areas – web applications, big data, scientific computing, day-to-day administration, etc. It continues to grow in popularity; for example, it’s one of the top languages at Google.

Monday, 1 September 2014

Interview with Helen Belcher

Monika: Today it is my pleasure and honour to interview Helen Belcher, a British trans rights campaigner, member of the UK Parliamentary Forum on Gender Identity, one of the founders of Trans Media Watch, software developer and businesswoman. Hello Helen!
Helen: Hi Monika!
Monika: Could you say a few words about yourself?
Helen: It depends what you want to know. I’ve just turned 50, I’m happily married with two fantastic children who are in their teens, I’ve been a computer geek since my teens, and have run my own company for the past 10 years selling software that I’ve written.
I sing in a good local choir, I’m a school governor, and I campaign on trans rights. It could all sound incredibly glamorous, but there is a lot of hard work and, generally, I think I’m incredibly boring! It’s just that I’ve had the good fortune to be in some of the right places at some of the right times.

Monday, 16 June 2014

Interview with Michela Ledwidge

Monika: Today it is my pleasure and honour to interview Michela Ledwidge, artist, director, and most recently the co-founder of Mod Productions, a production studio focused on interactive entertainment. Hello Michela!
Michela: Hi Monika!
Monika: Could you say a few words about yourself?
Michela: I’m a 40something artist and director living in Sydney, working on multi-platform media productions. I transitioned when I was 25. 
Monika: You are said to be a geek since you have been involved in the development of so many inventions…
Michela: That’s fair. I’ve been a technologist since the 80s when I used to sneak into my parent’s bedroom to play with Dad’s Commodore 64 which I wasn’t supposed to touch without supervision. I’m still mucking around with new tech all these years later and enjoy writing words, code and music. I was fortunate enough to be exposed to the internet early on and networked communication been the basis of my approach to media making ever since.

Friday, 28 February 2014

Interview with Donna Rose

Monika: Today it is my pleasure and honour to interview Donna Rose with whom I would like to discuss the role of transgender women in the US politics, culture and society. Donna is an athlete, a writer and educator, and a well-known LGBT advocate and activist. Her 2003 memoir “Wrapped in Blue” continues to educate and inspire. She is the former Executive Director of the LGBT Community Center Coalition of Central Pennsylvania, and board member for the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) and the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC). Hello Donna!
Donna: Hi Monika. I appreciate the opportunity to chat with you today.
Monika: Could you say a few words about your career so far?
Donna: I’m not sure what career you’re asking about. In my “real” career I’m an IT consultant and have been working with Fortune 500 and DoD clients for the better part of the last 35 years. That’s my “career” – it pays my bills, it’s my profession, it’s where I spend half of my time.
In my “other” life I’ve described myself as a reluctant activist. Although I wouldn’t call that a career in the typical sense, at one point advocacy efforts were as important an element of my life as my career or anything else I did.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Interview with Dana Zircher

Monika: Today it is my pleasure and honour to interview Dana Zircher, an American software design engineer and actress. Hello Dana!
Dana: Hi Monika, first and foremost I’d like you thank you for asking me to participate in this interview. I’m really impressed with the collection of interviews and information that you’ve accumulated for your website. I thinks it’s a great asset to our community. Thank you so much for pulling it together. It must be a labor of love!
Monika: Could you say a few words about your career so far?
Dana: I’ve been really fortunate with my professional career, I was always a bit of a techy nerd and decided to pursue a career in electronics. Software was more or less a natural fit and I have been writing software professionally for about 20 years.
I’ve had the pleasure of working on products like Lotus Notes, Groove Workspace, Microsoft Office, SharePoint and even Windows. It’s been a wonderfully challenging and rewarding career so far and I’ve had the opportunity to work with and learn from so many brilliant industry leaders.
I also love performing, it offers me rewards that are hard to quantify with words. When I was younger, I played different instruments with several local bands, studied music theory in college and was even fortunate enough to work with some regional roads acts for a short while.
It was always important to me to keep my love of performance as much a part of my day to day as possible, that’s not always so simple when you’re working on enterprise software products.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Interview with Fiona Corwin

Monika: Today’s interview will be with Fiona Corwin, a young video blogger that documents her transition on YouTube. Hello Fiona!
Fiona: Hello! Young! You’re sweet to say so. I’ll be 42 this year!
Monika: Could you say a few words about yourself?
Fiona: I am a 41yr old trans woman. I started my transition in October of 2012, HRT in January of 2013, and living full time as a woman in May of 2013. It’s a complicated question because I am a lot of things depending on where you look from.
I am a Web Developer, an IT consultant, a manager, a business owner, a carpenter, a machinist, a musician, a writer, a lover, a poet, a martial artist, a fencer, and a bit of a pacifist who likes her guns. I am both fiercely independent and serially monogamous. I fall in love with people often – they fascinate me.

Monday, 25 February 2013

Interview with Abbie Pope

Monika: Today’s interview will be with Abbie Kathryn Pope, a transgender lady and the author of the blog titled “Threads of Gender”. Hello Abbie!
Abbie: Hello to you too!
Monika: What are you doing these days?
Abbie: Well, a lot! I’m moving to Portland, OR from LA in a few weeks. I started a new blog at which is less trans oriented and more geared towards personal and spiritual growth. And you know, just keeping the wheels turning to survive as a trans woman in America.
Monika: You are a computer engineer. Could you tell me why there are so few ladies that are successful in IT business?
Abbie: It’s really quite unfortunate. I think there is a ton of cultural bias against genetic women pursuing careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math) fields. One of the few silver linings of growing up trans is that there were never barriers to pursuing these fields.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Interview with Jessica Janiuk

Monika: Hello Jessica! How lovely of you to agree to be included in my series of “Interviews with Transgender Icons”.
Jessica: Thanks for having me.
Monika: What do you do for a living these days?
Jessica: I’m a web developer for a trailer hitch company based in the state of Wisconsin, in the US of A. It’s a very glamorous job involving multiple computer monitors and pale skin from lack of sunlight.
Monika: Where did you grow up?
Jessica: I grew up in a small suburb of Milwaukee, Wisconsin called Delafield. It had between 5,000 and 8,000 people while I was growing up. I think it’s larger now though due to urban sprawl.

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