Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Jasmina von Leeds on Fashion & Beauty - 02 - Marlene Dietrich

Monika: What do you like most about Marlene Dietrich?
Jasmina: There is a lot. She is German like me and she was the first German worldwide star. Then she was very beautiful. I like her face and bone structure. When I was young I was very impressed by her, especially to see what Hollywood has make out of her. The funny thing is she wasn't a good actress in my opinion but she looked always amazing in her movies. She also said that she made movies just for money and looking good.

Monika: Which movies with Marlene Dietrich do you admire most?
Jasmina: Devil is a Woman, Stage Fright, The Blue Angel, Desire...

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Songs of Allison Lenore Annalora (02)

Monika: "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" is a 1967 single by Frankie Valli. It was performed by many great singers, including: Diana Ross, Nancy Wilson, Lauryn Hill and Sheena Easton. In addition it was included in the soundtracks of such movies as “The Deer Hunter” (1978) or “Bridget Jones's Diary” (2001). What makes it so popular?
Allison: It's just a happy song about love.....simple, but happy!!
Monika: Your interpretation is closer to which artist?
Allison: Hummmmmm a combination of them all! I take things I like from other singers and do my own thing!

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Interview with Aleshia Brevard: Part 4

Monika: Before you started your movie and theatre career you were a female impersonator. How would you define this kind of vocation. Could it be regarded as a piece of art or just another form of entertainment or show business?
Aleshia: As I must always stress, Monika, the only assessments I can make on ANYTHING are based on personal experience. I cannot speak to the experience of others. No where would this be truer than when answering your question concerning female impersonation. There are many people, both straight and gay, who are devotees of impersonation as an art form. My experience ‘back-stage’, behind the façade at Finocchio’s in San Francisco, was limited and merely a respite during my gender journey. I was a neophyte, a “new Nanette”. I became a headliner at the prestigious night club in the late ‘50’s and early ‘60’s because of how I looked, not because of any professional expertise and/or show business acumen.
Publicity shot from Finocchio's in
"My Heart Belongs To Daddy" costume, 1962.
I was quite impressed, and at times awed by the long tradition of the art form and by the professionalism of the impressionist with whom I’d suddenly found myself working.

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