Friday, 22 April 2016

Interview with Griffin Rae Birdsong

Monika: Today it is my pleasure and honour to interview Griffin Rae Birdsong, an American poet, writer, official blogger and contributor to the Death Rattle Writer's Festival, and member of Idaho's 2015 National Poetry Slam team, the author of the biographical book titled “A Pansexual Adventure Through Time: A Transition Autobiography” (2016). Hello Griffin Rae!
Griffin Rae: Howdy! And thank you so much for interviewing me! I feel so special! 
Monika: Could you say a few words about yourself?
Griffin Rae: Oh, I’m just your average 26 year old trans woman looking for a purpose in life. I’m a chronically unemployed college dropout. I was born in Idaho Falls, Idaho and I currently live in Boise, Idaho. Lucky for me there is an excellent artistic community that has accepted me for who I am and allowed me to flourish as a fledgling performance poet.
Monika: Is there anything like transgender literature?
Griffin Rae: Yes and no. On one hand the transition autobiography genre is a fairly new and emerging trend in literature.

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Interview with Georgia Lee McGowen

Monika: Today it is my pleasure and honor to interview Georgia Lee McGowen, writer, blogger, the author of the autobiographical book titled “Dear Mom and Dad: You Don't Know Me, But ...” (2012). Hello Georgia!
Georgia: And a grateful Hello to you as well Monika. This is indeed a pleasure and honor.
Monika: Could you say a few words about yourself?
Georgia: Oh Monika I could say more than a few words about myself as the original draft of “Dear Mom and Dad” would attest to. If published as originally written it would have run to 700+ pages. Thankfully my publisher, iUniverse, convinced me that it was way too wordy. As for a few words about myself in the context of your blog; I am a history buff; in particular, the history of famous people.

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