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Interview with Aderet

Monika: Today it is my pleasure and honor to interview Aderet, an Israeli singer, composer of pop music and dance tracks, the author of 3 albums (two in Hebrew and one in English), and the host of the radio station program (show) called “Jacuzzi”. Shalom Aderet!
Aderet: Shalom Monika and all the readers from the beautiful country Israel.
Monika: How would you define your music?
Aderet: My music develops all the time, but first of all, it's pop or how some DJs hate to say (hahaha) "commercial". At the outset, it's influenced by a variety of styles with an emphasis on ethnic sounds and electro-pop. In the future, it will continue to be pop but maybe will change in a way to jazz, classical music, or even heavy metal, who knows?!
Monika: When did you first start singing?
Aderet: I started singing as a child at family events and in kindergarten. I remember that my first show was in front of strangers when I was 5 years old. My uncle that was a soldier in the IDF took me to his Air Force military base. Few soldiers were cleaning the offices before the weekend, and suddenly I started to sing without preparations and they were throwing some coins at me. It was a wonderful memory. It's important to mention that 3 years later when was 8 years old I wrote and composed songs for the first time.

"Jewish Girl" photo session.
Photo by Rafael Najari.

Monika: Could you elaborate more on your early days as an up-and-coming singer. How did you develop your vocal talents into what they are today?
Aderet: After military service in the IDF, I moved from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv, and began voice and dance lessons with a lot of sports. Soon I started to perform as a dancer in clubs and worked day by day as a waitress to earn money for my music career. It's a lot of hard work, and when you do enough rehearsals then it will be much easier on stage.
Monika: Which artists or albums are your inspirations?
Aderet: It's a long long list because music is my breath. First, The Israeli singer Yardena Arazi influenced me a lot. Also Depeche Mode with the LIVE album "101", Madonna, Roxette, A-Ha, Pet Shop Boys, The Cure, Enya, Elton John, Ofer Nissim, Dana International and nowadays Zedd, Calvin Harris, David Guetta, Susan Boyle, Hardwell, Rihaana, Tiesto, Lady Gaga and Loreen.
Monika: In 2001 you debuted with the album titled The Answer. Could you say a few words about that album?
Aderet: Because of the song "Bli Ayin ara" that became a hit, the name of the album changed to "Bli Ayin ara", which means "Without the Evil Eye". It was a club ethnic album with traditional motifs. My father who is a cantor in synagogue sang "Shabbat" prayer and blew the Shofar in the song "Le'at Ubatuah", which means "Slowly but Surely". It's like I got a blessing from my family to my new way as an artist. It was a big experience, then I got a lot of feedback about the music and my show, and became step by step well known.
Monika: Your 2008 single "Say No More" became a hit in Lebanon following rotation on "Beirut Nights," a Lebanese Internet radio station devoted to dance music? Were you surprised that the song of the Israeli artist could be admired in Lebanon?
Aderet: Yes of course! It was a big surprise to be the number one hit in the playlist in a country like Lebanon, which as you know, is not in peace with Israel. I learned so much about how music can break boundaries. I am so grateful to all the people in Lebanon that voted for the 100% Israeli- Jewish song and were connected to it. So cool !!!

Aderet-Say no more (Official video clip).
Hitrecordspromo. Source: YouTube.

Monika: Your 2008 album titled “Jewish Girl” was your first album released in English. Why did you decide to switch to that language?
Aderet: After 2 albums in Hebrew, I decided to get into the club scene. So I released the song titled "Chaos", and it was naturally in English and the melody was perfect together. It became very fast also a club-radio hit. That achievement made me focused on making music in English, and as you know it was the right decision. A lot of people out of Israel were exposed to the new music and it felt like it was a natural development of my career.
Monika: In addition, you composed a song in French called “Extraordinaire”. Can we expect an album in French as well?
Aderet: Well, it's a good idea, after all, French is a sexy language, so why not?!

Live performance at KDAM 2013 (Pre-Selection
Eurovision) with the song "VICTORY".

Monika: You participated in the Israeli 2013 pre-Eurovision contest (KDAM Eurovision) with the song "Victory". Were you disappointed that your song was not selected to represent Israel in the Eurovision contest?
Aderet: The participation in the KDAM was a big challenge and experience for me and a big honor that "VICTORY" was selected from hundreds of songs that were sent to the KDAM committee. I learned a lot about myself thanks to the competition. I realized what needs to be improved immediately, how to build myself much better for the future.
Since then, day by day I have focused a lot on doing rehearsals to get much better results in the future and before the new material will come up. I learnt so much and understood that I have so much to learn.
Monika: Could you tell me about the importance of love in your life?
Aderet: Love is health. For me it's everything. First of all, love God, love your family, love your man, your friends (even when they left hahaha), your neighbors, your team, your fans, your opportunities around you. When you give love you feel healthy. No matter how the world will change in a technological way, healthy love will always lead you to a better future.
Monika: Do you like fashion? What kind of outfits do you usually wear? Any special fashion designs, colours or trends?
Aderet: Fashion related to music. I watch a lot of channel F-TV, to get ideas and inspiration. What can I say?! It's never ended. Every time you can develop more and more your thoughts on how I can upgrade the "product" ADERET, but still, keep true to myself. When you are in the pop industry you need to "stay awake" all the time to look interesting, beautiful, and comfortable.
After many years I realized that when you feel comfortable and sexy, so the performance can be awesome and people that watch the show will feel connected. The trends give inspiration but do not dictate to me.

In studio.
Photo credits: PR KDAM 2013.

Monika: You are about to release a new single. What can we expect to hear?
Aderet: The new single will include in Part 2 of the album "Jewish Girl" that will release after. it will be a pop-club song, and it will be dedicated to the memory of my grandmother "Miriam", who died three and a half years ago. I wish and pray that many DJs and radio stations around the world and of course in Israel will find a good place in their playlists for that song...
Monika: Are you working on any other new projects now?
Aderet: Nowadays I am working on part 2 of the album "Jewish Girl" and studying how to be a Dj at weddings (it's not the same work as in clubs...). I will continue with my radio show "Jacuzzi" and do my best to bring new listeners to feel the energy in the studio and to be updated about the nightlife of Israel and, maybe someday "Jacuzzi" will be also a successful TV show that will host DJs all over the world. After all, the projects of your future are your dreams in your past.
Monika: Aderet, thank you for the interview! 

Main photo credits: Shalom Shlush (photo), Dana Buzo (make-up), Shmulik Shlush (hair design)

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