Thursday, 8 May 2014

Interview with Midori Koçak

Monika: Today it is my pleasure and honour to interview Midori Koçak, a transgender woman from Turkey. Computer Scientist & Engineer with 13 years of PHP experience and chorist at the Turkish National Broadcasting Channel (TRT). Hello Midori! 
Midori: Hello! I really appreciate that you invited me to this interview. Your interviews are so inspirational and I am really happy for being part of it.
Monika: Could you say a few words about yourself?
Midori: I was born in 1984, 4 years after rightist military coup. My father was a left wing socialist army officer. In that era, thousands of people were fired from their jobs and tortured for days. My father was one of them. After that he become a successful businessman.
People having parents in the army, know well how is difficult to communicate, my parents were more difficult to communicate because of having this success pressure. Because of that, I didn’t have somebody to share my feelings, or have courage coming out for years. I always knew some things were not as they should be, since I was aware of myself, and this is some age between 3 or 4.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Interview with Rebecca Kling

Monika: Today it is my pleasure and honour to interview Rebecca Kling, a transgender artist and educator who explores gender and identity through solo pieces and educational workshops, praised by The Chicago Tribune, TimeOut Chicago, NUVO Indianapolis, the Coyote Chronicle, instructor at the Piven Theatre Workshop, author of The Thang Blog. Hello Rebecca!
Rebecca: Thanks so much for chatting with me, Monika.
Monika: Could you say a few words about yourself?
Rebecca: As you mentioned, I'm a transgender artist and educator. I tour to colleges, universities, and theater festivals around the United States to conduct educational workshops and perform solo pieces focusing on gender and identity.
Monika: Is there anything like transgender art? What does it mean to be a transgender artist?
Rebecca: For me, being a transgender artist means that my work is being fed by my identity as a trans woman. I use my experiences as a trans woman to fuel my art, and my art to fuel my identity. I do think that trans art - like any type of identity-focused art - runs a risk of being boxed in; that someone can only be a woman artist or an artist of color or a trans artist. I hope that the work I do can speak to a wide audience, and not simply people looking for "trans" art.

Monday, 5 May 2014

Interview with Monika Donner

Monika: Today it is my pleasure and honour to interview Monika Donner, a former officer of the Austrian Armed Forces, independent consultant and lawyer in the Ministry of Defense of Austria, the author of "Tiger in High Heels". Hello Monika!
Monika D: Well, hello Monika!
Monika: Could you say a few words about yourself?
Monika D: I love to go my own way: my private way of love. In my childhood I loved my big wild garden. When I entered kindergarten, I had to throw up because everything was strictly separated into girls and boys.
As I grew older, I learned to play both gender roles perfectly, until I decided to live as a woman – without letting doctors cut my genitalia. Therefore I had to fight against the old sexist/sadistic law by calling a high court. I won. Since then I am free, because I defended my inner child.

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